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home oxygen supplier

We are
Registered with all medical aids 

contains a stationary oxygen concentrator used for patients the require oxygen homecare therapy, patients use this concentrator for respitary problems.
portable oxygen
this is a oxygen medical cylinder used for patients that are in need for homecare oxygen therapy.
this is a CPAP machine used for individuals that have aleep apnea
this is a patient monitoring system designed for hospitals and doctors to see genural parameters of a patient
this is pulse oximeter and is used to measure the amount of oxygen a a patient if they need oxygen therapy or not

Stationary Concentrators 

Portable machines

Oxygen Cylinders


CPAP Machines/ Accesories

Homecare Acessories 

Contact Details


Phone:      (010) 109 2122

Address:   La Rocca Office Park

                    321 Main Road, Block C

                    Bryanston 2191

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