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Introducing the Hyprus Sleep Apnea Machine - the perfect solution for anyone looking for high-quality sleep therapy. As a leading medical equipment supplier, our company is proud to offer the Hyprus machine, which is designed to provide the best possible sleep therapy for people with sleep apnea or other sleep-related breathing disorders.

Hypnus Sleep Range

The Hypnus Sleep range is a complete offering from Auto CPAP to BiPAP ST. A CPAP is an excellent device to treat sleep apnea, which affects 6-7% of the population. CPAP devices provide continuous positive airway pressure to keep the airways physically open to prevent an apnea from occurring.

BiPAPs are used primarily to treat COPD where patients need assistance exhaling carbon dioxide from their lungs. Hypnus offers a BiPAP S and a BiPAP ST. The ST offers a timed backup breath rate for patients who are at risk of not being able to spontaneously exhale.

There are 3 different models with optional wifi enabled or cellular enabled devices instead of the standard unit. All units come with a mask, tubing, and a humidifier.

The 7 series introduction video

Zopec explore CPAP Battery

  • Designed to sleep with CPAP for 12 - 16 hours WITHOUT Heated Humidifier and

  • Heated tube (depending on setting, see image for run time table).

  • Uninterrupted sleep through Power Outages.

  • Fast Car Charger Included! For extended power outages.

  • Powerful Solar Charger (40W, 60W, 100W) available for separate purchase.

  • Very versatile for power outages.

  • Can run lift chair and internet modem, laptops, phone to stay connected.

  • FAA/TSA Compliant for Air Travel!


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