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advanced homecare oxygen solution program

Welcome to the Advanced Homecare Oxygen Support Program (AHOSP) - Respocare's premier training initiative designed to empower healthcare professionals with the expertise needed to excel in homecare oxygen therapy. Discover a world where cutting-edge knowledge meets compassionate care, ensuring every breath our patients take is one of ease and assurance. Join us in shaping the future of oxygen therapy and elevate your skills to make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

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Our Mission 

he mission statement of the Advanced Homecare Oxygen Support Program (AHOSP) by Respocare is deeply rooted in our dedication to enhancing the lives of those requiring oxygen therapy. Our mission is to equip healthcare professionals with unparalleled expertise and compassionate insights into oxygen therapy management, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care in the comfort of their homes


The Advanced Homecare Oxygen Support Program (AHOSP) offered by Respocare is designed to fill a crucial gap in the healthcare sector by providing comprehensive training to healthcare professionals on homecare oxygen therapy. This program is a response to several key observations and needs in the healthcare industry:

  • Growing Demand for Homecare Services: There's an increasing preference for delivering healthcare services, including oxygen therapy, in patients' homes. This trend is driven by the aging population, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases that require oxygen therapy, and the overall shift towards personalized, patient-centered care models.

  • Technological Advancements: The development and availability of advanced oxygen therapy devices, such as portable oxygen concentrators, have made homecare oxygen therapy more feasible and effective. However, these advancements necessitate specialized knowledge and skills to ensure these technologies are used safely and effectively.

  • Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes: Properly administered oxygen therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with respiratory conditions. By training healthcare professionals in the latest techniques and best practices in oxygen therapy, AHOSP aims to enhance care quality and patient outcomes.

  • Professional Development: AHOSP supports the professional growth of healthcare providers by equipping them with specialized skills that are increasingly in demand. This not only benefits the patients but also enhances the career prospects and satisfaction of healthcare professionals.

  • Respocare's Mission and Vision: Offering AHOSP aligns with Respocare's mission to improve patient care through innovation and education. By developing and providing this program, Respocare seeks to lead by example in the healthcare industry, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in patient care services.

In summary, Respocare has decided to offer AHOSP as a solution to meet the evolving needs of both patients requiring homecare oxygen therapy and healthcare professionals seeking to expand their skills. The program is a strategic initiative to support the healthcare industry's move towards more advanced, effective, and personalized care delivered in the comfort of the patient's home.

Medical Specialists

Oxygen Odyssey: From Learner to Leader in Homecare Therapy

Here is a brief outline of the step-by-step process flow from the beginning of the Advanced Homecare Oxygen Support Program (AHOSP) training to the conclusion, including the certification process for individuals and facilities:

Pre-Training Preparation

  • Registration and Enrollment: Participants register for AHOSP through Respocare's online platform, providing necessary information and selecting a suitable training cohort based on schedule availability.

  • Orientation and Materials Distribution: Before the training begins, participants receive an orientation package, which includes a program overview, schedule, list of materials, and access to online resources.

Training Process


  • Program Kick-off: The training officially begins with an introductory session where trainers outline the objectives, curriculum, and expectations. This session also allows participants to introduce themselves and familiarize with the learning platform.

  • Module-Based Learning: The program is divided into modules covering various aspects of homecare oxygen therapy, including device knowledge, patient care, safety protocols, and regulatory compliance. Each module consists of:
    • Interactive lectures

    • Hands-on practical sessions

    • Case studies and group discussions

  • Continuous Assessment: Throughout the program, participants undergo continuous assessments through quizzes, practical exercises, and module-end tests to evaluate their understanding and application of the knowledge.

  • Feedback Sessions: Regular feedback sessions are held to provide participants with insights into their progress, address challenges, and ensure learning objectives are being met.

Post-Training Evaluation

  • Final Assessment: At the end of the program, a comprehensive final assessment tests participants on the entire curriculum, ensuring they have mastered the necessary skills and knowledge.

  • Program Review and Feedback: Participants are invited to share their experiences, provide feedback on the program, and suggest improvements. This step is crucial for the ongoing development of AHOSP.


  • Individual Certification: Successful participants receive a certificate acknowledging their competence in homecare oxygen therapy. This certificate serves as a recognition of their specialized skills and knowledge, enhancing their professional credentials.

  • Facility Certification: Healthcare facilities with staff members who have completed AHOSP may also receive a certification or acknowledgment, highlighting their commitment to providing high-quality oxygen therapy care. This can enhance the facility's reputation and patient trust.

Continuous Support and Professional Development

  1. Alumni Network and Continuous Learning: Graduates become part of the AHOSP alumni network, gaining access to ongoing support, advanced training opportunities, and updates on the latest practices in oxygen therapy.

By following this structured process, AHOSP ensures that healthcare professionals are not only equipped with the necessary skills to improve patient care but are also recognized for their commitment to excellence in the field of homecare oxygen therapy.

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