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Medical Device Individual Blue White portable oxygen cylinder to put gas for patients with

oxygen Therapy


Do I need oxygen therapy

Oxygen (O2) is one of the most vital components of life, it is transferred into the blood stream through the Alveoli - tiny air sacs present in the lungs. For some individuals this process is obstructed as they suffer certain lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia and sleep apnea which cause less oxygen to be absorbed in the blood resulting in a shortness of breath. To keep your body healthy you will need additional oxygen. The following conditions are treated with oxygen therapy.

  • COPD

  • Pneumonia

  • Asthma

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Cystic Fibrosis

You will need a prescription from a doctor to be supplied with an oxygen concentrator, and we will help you do/with the rest.


COPD is a lung disease characterised by chronic obstruction of lung airflow that interferes with normal breathing and is not fully reversible. The more familiar terms 'chronic bronchitis' and 'emphysema' are no longer used, but are now included within the COPD diagnosis.



Oxygen Therapy has a number of health benefits including:

  • Feeling less short of breath and tired

  • Easier to breath 

  • Improve the quality of your sleep

  • Prolonged life

  • Improved heart function



How Can Oxygen Therapy Help You


What is an oxygen concentrator

An oxygen concentrator works by filtering and concentrating oxygen molecules from the ambient air to provide patients with 90% to 95% pure oxygen. The compressor of the oxygen concentrator sucks ambient air and adjusts the pressure at which it is provided.06 May 2021


There are various types on concentrators available for personal and home use, your doctor will recommend whats best for you based on your lifestyle and situation, and we will assist you based on your doctors recommendation. 


This is the rate at which oxygen needs to enter your blood, expressed in Liters Per Minute (LPM)

This is how many hours per day you will need to use an oxygen concentrator


Oxygen saturation is a measure of how much hemoglobin is currently bound to oxygen compared to how much hemoglobin remains unbound.


Flow Rate

Duration of Use

Types of Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Saturation 

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